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Our practice of returning to the society in the form of education marks us different from others having core values of Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, unity and responsibility.

We do not lose sight of these values under any circumstances, regardless of the goals we have to achieve. As a Saheed Mahilal Institute Family we work as a knowledge firm having a core team of young smart and enthusiastic professional knowledge workers, working on basic 3d values viz discipline dedication and determination.

Why should join us?

We work on kaizen philosophy which means we are continuous and improving at an every inch.
We provide large numbers of related products and services under our umbrella having multiple Strategic Business Units (SBU).
We conduct Professional training sessions to trained other study centre Directors, Centre managers, counselors in form of admission handling quarries, leads generating and management, information, results, feedback and knowledge of all other matter needed.
By the means of print and mass media we promote all centre on very large scales by publishing full, half, quarter page advertisements in all National and Local news papers having all the necessary information of the study centre. Apart from that we gave news and conduct press conferences time to time.
With the help of our well equipped staff we provide the related study materials and services. We are kown for our "Just In Time" services.
We have our own study material according to the prescribed syllabus of the university exclusively published by Saheed Mahilal Institute.
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